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This Book is made to complete my garden guide through the tropics,
Many people love herbs in the garden
to have fresh plants for the kitchen.

The essential difference between an herb and a spice
is where it is obtained from on a plant.
Herbs usually come from the leafy part of a plant,
and are usually dried.
However, some herbs can be used fresh.
Spices can be obtained from seeds, fruits, roots, bark,
or some other vegetative substance.
Spices are not necessarily as fresh as some herbs can be.
Herbs can be found many places around the world,
while spices are more commonly found in the Far East
and other tropical countries.
Herbs are considered to have a few more uses than spices.
For instance,
herbs have been used more frequently than spices in the medical field. Also, herbs can and have been used to augment cosmetics
and preserve foods.