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Curcuma domestica

Turmeric Kunyit Zingiberaceae



Curcuma domestica, Turmeric, Kunyit

Believed to have originated in India, turmeric is grown throughout tropical Asia for its bright orange rhizomes, which apart from their mildly spicy flavor are valued as a food coloring, providing a substitute for the very expensive saffron.
It is also used for dyeing cloth.
The broadly lance-shaped, bright green leaves can form large clumps up to about 3 ft (1 m) tall in hot areas.
Short, dense spikes of pale yellow flowers are produced in summer.
The fresh or dried roots provide color and pungent fragrance to chutneys, pickles and curries; it is harvested when the foliage begins to dry off .
Cultivation: In the tropics grow in a well-tilled garden bed in moderately fertile soil.
Plant rhizomes or tubers late in the dry season and water frequently when new leaves appear.
Harvest turmeric rhizomes when leaves show signs of dying back.