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Syzygium polyanthum

Indonesian bay-leaf Daun salam Myrthceae

Indonesian bay-leaf, salam, daun salam, Syzygium polyanthum

It is interesting that this tree is listed as vulnerable since it is cultivated as a road-side tree throughout Singapore, perhaps it is vulnerable with respect to its natural habitat. Apparently this tree is quite easy to propagate from cuttings, a feature that has made it easy to cultivate. The leaves of S. polyanthum are used in Asian home cooking in much the same way as the Bay Leaf is used in western home cooking. The leaf is referred to a Duan Salam (Salam leaf) and a few of these leaves may be added to the curry to enhance the flavour. If you are observant, you will occasionally see people borrowing a few leaves from the road-side Salam trees, such leaves are destined for the cooking pot.