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Cinnamomum Culilawan Lawang Lauraceae
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Country of Origin: Indonesia
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Over 400 years ago a villager discovered that by rubbing a leaf from the Lawang tree on his swollen and painful joints he received considerable relief. It wasn’t long before they discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves and bark of this plant, becoming known as Lawang Oil.
Over a period of time other uses have been discovered for the product. For example, many doctors stationed in Indonesia in the late 1940’s used LAWANG OIL to relieve pain for injured soldiers when morphine was in short supply with exceptional results.
What is Lawang Oil?
Lawang Oil is an essential oil with a great versatility in the relief of pain. With a natural antiseptic action and lack of the ‘oily’ residue of many massage oils, it is ideal for use in the relief of joint and muscle pain as well as pain from insect bites and bruising.
Because LAWANG OIL is a naturally derived essential oil from a tree, it is impossible to artificially replicate.