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Latin Name   English Name Family Place to find
Galphimia glauca Galphimia Malpighiaceae border yellow
Garcinia mangostana Mangosteen Guttiferaceae tree fruit
Garcinia dulcis Garcinia Guttiferaceae tree fruit
Gardenia augusta Gardenia Rubiaceae shrub white
Gazania splendens Gazania Compositae border yellow
Gloriosa superba Tiger claw's Liliaceae climber red
Glycine max Soybean Fabaceae border fruit
Gnetum gnemun Melinjo Gnetaceae tree fruit
Gomphrena  globosa Bachelor's buttons Amaranthaceae border purple
Graptophyllum pictum Caricature plant Acanthaceae shrub foliage
Grevillea   Grevillea Proteaceae border red
Gynura arantiaca Purple velvet plant Compositae border red
Hamelia patens Fire bush Rubiaceae shrub red
Hedychium coronarium White ginger lily Zingiberaceae border white
Helianthus anuus Sunflower Compositae border yellow
Heliconia bihai Heliconia Musaceae border red
Heliconia psittacorum Japanese canna Musaceae border yellow
Heliconia humillis Heliconia Musaceae border red
Heliconia wagneriana Heliconia Musaceae border red
Heliconia rostrata Heliconia Musaceae border red
Heliconia collinsiana Heliconia Musaceae border red
Heliconia latispatha Heliconia Musaceae border orange
Helichrysum monstrosum Helichrysum Compositae border many
Hemigraphis alternata Red ivy Acanthaceae border red
Hevea brasiliensis Para rubber tree Euphorbiaceae tree white
Hibiscus trionum Simply love Malvaceae border white
Hibiscus tyliaceus Sea hybiscus Malvaceae shrub yellow
Hibiscus   Hibiscus Malvaceae shrub red
Hippeastrum   Amaryllis Amaryllidaceae bulb red
Hydrocleys nymphoides Water poppy Butomaceae aquatic yellow
Hylocereus undatus Honolulu queen Cactaceae border cactus
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle palm Palmae palm green