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Nuphar advena Yellow pond lily   Nymphaeaceae

Nuphar  advena , Yellow pond lily, Talas air


Nuphar  advena , Yellow pond lily, Talas air

Made up of 25 species of perennial aquatic herbs with creeping rhizomes, these pond lilies from the temperate northern hemisphere have large, floating and submerged leaves. The flowers, usually in yellow or green tones, are held on stalks above the water surface.
Flowering colors: Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow
Position: Shaded
Cultivation: Their requirements are very similar to the hardy species of Nymphaea with the additional benefit that they will flower in shade and some are suited to being planted in slow-moving water.
They prefer to be planted in pots of rich soil and carefully submerged to around 24 in (60 cm) deep, depending on the species.
Propagation is by division .