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Dietes  bicolor Fortnight lilly   Iridaceae

Dietes bicolor, Fortnight lilly


Dietes bicolor, Fortnight lilly	Sometimes called the Spanish iris, though it is neither an iris nor Spanish (it comes from South Africa),
Dietes bicolor has pale green sword-shaped basal leaves and pale yellow flowers that appear from spring to summer.
Each of the 3 larger petals has a central brown mark. It grows to around 30 in (75 cm) in height.
Cultivation: All species thrive in part-shade or full sun, and in humus-rich, well-drained soil that does not dry out too quickly.
Do not remove flower stems, as they continue to flower for several years.
Marginally frost hardy, they are tough enough to serve as low hedges and, once established, self-seed readily.
Propagate from seed in spring or fall (autumn) or by division in spring.