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Alocasia macrorrhiza
Giant alocasia
Talas Araceae

Alocasia macrorrhiza, Giant alocasia,  talas


Alocasia macrorrhiza, Giant alocasia,  talasAlocasia macrorrhiza, Giant alocasia,  talasThere are some 70 species of large-leafed rhizomatous and tuberous perennials in this genus from tropical southern and Southeast Asia.
They have heart-shaped to arrowhead-shaped leaves from 8 in_3 ft (20_90 cm) long depending on the species.
The leaves are often long-stemmed with distinctive red or purple markings. The long-stemmed arum-like flowers are often obscured by the foliage and are not very showy.
This genus is closely related to taro (Colocasia) and the roots of some species are edible, but most contain poisonous crystals which cause a rapid numbing and swelling of the tongue and throat.
Other properties: Poisonous
Propagate from seed, stem cuttings with a leaf bud or by dividing or cutting up the rhizomes.