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Anthurium cristallicum
Anthurium crystal

Anthurium cristallicum, Anthurium crystal


Anthurium cristallicum, Anthurium crystal

Anthurium.crystalinum has velvety green leaves with silver veins. Its
flowers are inconspicuous.
It comes from Colombia/Peru.Strikingly beautifull tropical foliage plant:from the central crown with thick-flesley roots rise wiry petioles,circular in cross-section,carrying the large decorative,heart shaped velvety leaves of stiff leathery texture,glistering emerald green with contrasting network of white veins,25-45 cm long,with basal lobes overlapping,acutely angled at the thickened juncture;long stalked influorescense with slender yellowish-green spadix and linear green spathe ,followed by red-purple berries.Humid tropical.