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Dracaena fragrans Corn plant Sri gading Dracaenaceae

Dracaena fragrans, Corn plant, Drasena, Sri gading


Dracaena fragrans, Corn plant, Drasena, Sri gadingThis is a variegated form of a species native to tropical AfriDracaena fragrans, Corn plant, Drasena, Sri gadingca. It is a shrubby sparsely branched plant that can reach 50 ft (15 m) or more in the wild but seldom reaches anywhere near this height in cultivation. Its clusters of small cream flowers are very fragrant and are followed by orange-red berries. This form is marked by a central stripe of yellow on each leaf.
Cultivation: Outdoors, dracaenas need warm-temperate to subtropical conditions, full sun or part-shade and well-drained soil. Cut leggy plants back to almost soil level in spring.
Propagate from seed or by air-layering in spring or from cuttings in summer. Watch out for mealybugs.