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Limonium sinuata Statice   Plumbaginaceae

Limonium sinuate, Statice

Limonium sinuate, Statice

Limonium sinuatum,a member of the Plumbaginaceae family.
Cluster of little straw-textured brightly colored dried flowers. Natural blue, Common Name(s) Sinuata, Annual Statice, American Statice
Flower Type: Annual
Height: 30-60 cm 1-2 ft .
Propagation By seed , Seeds days to emerge: 15 - 20
Cultivation: Full sun in average soil.
Native to the mediterranian.
Harvest Cut English Statice when flowers are just emerging.Vase Life 1-2 weeks.
Drying Hang english statice upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
Uses English Statice is a very useful dried flower offering an array of bright natural colors.
Notes The colored part that most people refer to as 'the flower' is actually a calyx which, is a collective term for all the sepals of the flower. This a unique structure in that the sepals (the leaf-like structures that cover the petals (i.e. you are looking at sepals when you look at a closed bud) are the 'pretty' part of the flower, the petals are very small, white and inside the calyx.
If you air dry these flowers, do so upside down as the stems dry faster than the flowers and can't support the weight until the flowers dry. Each plant produces several flower stems. In coastal regions, plants will tolerate salt spray.
Although the sinuata variety is most commonly thought of as purple, many colors are now available, including yellow, white, red, pink and peach. New colors are frequently introduced.