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Mirabilis jalapa Four 0'clock Bunga pukul empat Nyctaginaceae

Mirabilis jalapa, Four 0'clock, Bunga pukul empat


Mirabilis jalapa, Four 0'clock, Bunga pukul empatCommon name(s):Mirabilis jalapa, Four 0'clock, Bunga pukul empat
Marvel of Peru
Four-oclock flower
This bushy tuberous perennial, native to tropical America, is grown for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped, crimson, pink, white or yellow flowers that open in late afternoon and remain open all night, closing again at dawn. It is good as a pot or bedding plant or as a dwarf hedge. It is summer flowering and grows to around 3 ft (1 m) high with a spread of 24-30 in (60-75 cm).
Flowering colors: Crimson, Pink, White, Yellow
Other properties: Fragrant
Cultivation: In frost-free to dry tropical climates they are quite easy plants to grow. All that is required is a sunny, well-drained aspect. In colder climates the tubers of perennial species can be lifted and stored over winter like dahlias. Propagate from seed or by division of the tubers.