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Portulaca grandiflora Rose moss Cantik manis Portulacaceae

Portulaca grandiflora, Rose moss, Alor, Cantik manis


Portulaca grandiflora, Rose moss, Alor, Cantik manis

There are about 100 species of semi-succulent annuals or perennials in this genus, indigenous to the warm, dry regions of the world.
The fleshy leaves vary in color from white to green or red, but it is for their flowers that they are growncup-shaped, white, yellow, apricot, pink, purple or scarlet and resembling roses in form.
Flowering colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Scarlet, White, Yellow
Cultivation: They are easily grown in all climates.
Because they are plants of the deserts they need sun, well-drained soil and only occasional watering.
Propagate from seed or cuttings .
Watch for aphids.