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Impatiens  balsamina
Garden balsem
Pacar air Balsaminaceae

Impatiens balsamina, Garden balsem, Pacar air


Impatiens balsamina, Garden balsem, Pacar air	This species from India, China and Malaysia is an erect,Impatiens balsamina, Garden balsem, Pacar air	bushy annual that grows fairly quickly to a height of 1218 in (3045 cm) with a spread of 810 in (2025 cm). It has lance-shaped bright green leaves and produces small, camellia-like single or double spurred flowers throughout summer and early fall (autumn). Colors include blood red, purple-red, pink and white; some flowers are spotted. Impatiens balsamina is marginally frost hardy and is a good species for bedding displays in sunny situations.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 12
Cultivation: Fully frost hardy to frost tender, they will grow in sun or part-shade; many species do well under overhanging trees. They prefer a moist but freely drained soil, and need protection from strong winds. Tip prune the fast-growing shoots to encourage shrubby growth and more abundant flowers. Propagate from seed or stem cuttings in spring or summer.