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Impatians walleriana busy lizzie   Balsaminaceae

Impatians walleriana, busy lizzie, Impesens


Impatians walleriana, busy lizzie, Impesens

This large genus of around 850 species of succulent annuals, evergreen perennials and subshrubs is widely distributed, especially in the subtropics and tropics of Asia and Africa.
They are useful for colorful summer bedding displays and for indoor and patio plants.
The flowers come in an ever-increasing range of colors.
Many hybrid strains are perennial in mild climates, but in colder climates are usually grown as annuals. Their botanical name, Impatiens, refers to the impatience with which they grow and multiply.
Flowering colors: Brown, Crimson, Mauve, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Scarlet, Violet, White, Yellow
Cultivation: Fully frost hardy to frost tender, they will grow in sun or part-shade; many species do well under overhanging trees.
They prefer a moist but freely drained soil, and need protection from strong winds.
Tip prune the fast-growing shoots to encourage shrubby growth and more abundant flowers. Propagate from seed or stem cuttings .