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Kalanchoe daigremontiana Mother of thousands Cocor bebek Crassulaceae

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of thousands, Cocor bebek


Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of thousands, Cocor bebek

This kalanchoe is one of 130 species of which there are annuals, biennials, and perennial succulents. The Mother of Thousands is a perennial, sometimes also called the Devil's Backbone, or Mexican Hat Plant. The "babies" are adventitious plantlets on the toothed margins of the leaf.
This plant can live for years and grow to three feet but it is a good idea to renew the often leggy plant with the newer plantlets. They tend to get top heavy.
The Mother of Thousands is a very drought resistant and can be totally ignored.
Potting soil should be on the dry and sandy side, well drained, similar to a commercial cactus mix.
Generally this plant will grow with one straight stem but may branch out if the top shoots are cut off.
Propagation is done by the tiny plantlets. Just by laying a mature leaf on a bed of moist sandy soil the plantlets will root in. Or, you can just take the plantlets off the leaf and place them on the soil.
Kalanchoes requires good bright light if not full sun and not the best of soil nor fertilizing......