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Helianthus anuus
Bunga matahari Compositae

Helianthus anuus, Sunflower,	bunga  Matahari


Helianthus anuus, Sunflower,	bunga  Matahari

This fast-growing, upright annual can reach a height of Helianthus anuus, Sunflower,	bunga  Matahari10 ft (3 m) or more.
Large, daisy-like, 12 in (30 cm) wide yellow flowerheads with brown centers are borne in summer. They are coarse, leggy plants with heavily veined, mid-green leaves.
This species produces one of the world’s most important oilseeds.
It can be a little unwieldy, but numerous garden varieties have been developed that grow to a more manageable size, about 6 ft (1.8 m), including Autumn Beauty with medium-sized flowers usually brownish red, deep red, light yellow or golden yellow; and Teddy Bear, a compact grower with double, dark yellow flowers.
Flowering colors: Brown, Red, Yellow
Cultivation:Tthey prefer full sun and protection from wind.
The soil should be well drained.
Fertilize to promote large blooms and water deeply in dry conditions.
They may become invasive and should be cut down to the base when they finish flowering. Propagate from seed.
Watch for snails.