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Ficus pumila Creeping fig Daun dolar Moraceae

Ficus pumila, Creeping fig, Daun dolar


Ficus pumila, Creeping fig, Daun dolar

From Japan, Vietnam and China, this vigorous evergreen climbFicus pumila, Creeping fig, Daun dolar	er clings by aerial roots along the stems. It has attractive small, bright green, heart-shaped juvenile leaves that turn bronze. Remove any mature woody branches that stand out strongly from the support to retain juvenile leaves. Minima has much smaller, daintier foliage and is less rampant; Quercifolia has lobed leaves; Variegata is more vigorous with leaves mottled white to cream.
Cultivation: Figs grow to great heights in gardens and most species have vigorous, invasive root systems. Fully frost hardy to frost tenderFicus pumila, Creeping fig, Daun dolar	, many make excellent container and house plants when young. Figs prefer full sun to part-shade and humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil and shelter from cold winds. Water potted specimens sparingly. Propagate from seed or cuttings, or by aerial layering.