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Aeschynanthus radicans Lipstick plant   Gesneriaceae

Aeschinanthus radicans, Lipstick plant


Aeschinanthus radicans, Lipstick plant	Over 100 species of mostly epiphytic creepers and subshrAeschinanthus radicans, Lipstick plant	ubs in the African violet family make up this genus, ranging through rainforests of Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago. Some have become popular as indoor plants, suited to hanging baskets and flowering freely for months on end. The stems are tough and wiry, sometimes clinging by roots. Leaves are fleshy and pointed, arranged in opposite pairs, and the flowers, clustered at the ends of branches are trumpet-shaped but curved, often with the base enclosed in a conspicuous calyx.
Plant Height From approx. 30 To 300 cm
Flowering colors: Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
Position: Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: Aeschynanthus preferring a position in part-shade and most at home in a hanging basket or established in the crotch of a large tree. Propagate from cuttings.