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Lygodium japonicum
Japanese climbing fern

Lygodium japonicum,  Japanese climbing fern


Lygodium japonicum,  Japanese climbing fern

ThiLygodium japonicum,  Japanese climbing fern	  s deciduous species is widespread in Asia from Japan southward, extending to northern Australia.
It can climb to more than 12 ft (3.5 m) and the apparent fronds (actually pinnae of the climbing frond) are bright green and divided into many long leaflets that are toothed and basally lobed.
The spore-bearing leaflets are sharply distinct.
Position: Sunny, Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: They require moist, humus-rich, peaty soil and will grow in full sun or part-shade. They may need support as they grow, or can be allowed to drape from hanging baskets. Propagate by division or from spores .