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Farelli's Tropical Plant Book

I have spent more than twenty years living with my wife in Bali, Indonesia.
One of my favorite hobbies is gardening.
When you like to see pictures of my gardens, just go to my private website farelli.info
It is difficult to find the names of a plant
in Latin, English or Indonesian.
In Bali, some people know the Balinese name,
and the nurseries owned by Javanese people
know only the Javanese name,
but never the English or Latin version...
Not too many people in developing countries
 speak or read English.
I made a catalogue with symbols
translated on one page text .
When you translate only this page in
-for example Vietnamese or Spanish- ,
those people can use them...
If you see a plant and don't know the name it will be almost impossible to find it on the internet...
You can see if it grows as a groundcover, a climber, a shrub,  a palm or a tree.
Just go to index on pictures
and you will see them...

I worked for three years on this book,
but until now I didn’t find a publisher,
so I put it on the internet
and I hope you appreciate my effort and will use it.
and for me it is in short:
a World Book...

For sure I have made mistakes, so
please help me to make it better…

Farelli, the "horti sexual"
June 2008

Some pictures I borrowed from the nicest information site for tropical plants
Thanks for that.


Searching tips

  I use the name “Border plants” instead of “Ground covers”
because with border plants I mean plants with soft stems, with no woody branches.
The difference between shrubs and trees is sometimes difficult to determine,
so look in both groupings, when you can not find your plant...
Also the colors are sometimes confusing,
purple or blue, red or orange..
Nature uses the whole color palette..
This book is made in Asia.
In the " West " huge nurseries are selling almost everything while
in Indonesia nothing is organized.
You have to walk through hundreds of nurseries to find your plant.
Most of my plants came from cuttings or seeds
and I was able to analyze more than 500 plants.
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