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Ada bennettiorum Bennett's Ada

Bennett's Ada, Ada bennettiorum


Ada bennettiorum Dodson 1989 Bennett's Ada, Ada bennettiorum

Common Name or Meaning The Bennett's Ada [American botanist family in Peru current]

Flower Size .6" [1.6 cm]

One of the newest species added to this genus and is found in Peru in wet montane forests at altitudes around 1600 to 2200 meters as a medium sized, cool growing epiphyte with very small, ovate pseudobulbs enveloped almost completely by imbricate, distichous, conduplicate sheaths and carrying a single, apical, narrowly linear, arching, acute, conduplicate towards the base to form a petiole leaf and blooms in the late fall and winter on an axillary, erect then arching to drooping, few flowered, racemose, 2" [5 cm] long inflorescence with a fishook appearance.

Synonyms Brassia bennettiorum (Dodson) Senghas 1997