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Ada chlorops Green Ada

Green Ada , Ada chlorops


Ada chlorops (Endres & RGreen Ada , Ada chloropschb. f.) N.H. Williams 1972

Common Name or Meaning The Green Ada

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in montane wet forest at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters as a small to just medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte requiring shade with reduced, ovate-lanceolate, laterally compressed pseudobulbs that are completely enveloped by the bases of the conduplicate leaf sheaths which carry a single apical, carinate, subcoriaceous, elliptic-lanceolate to obovate, acute leaf that blooms in the fall on an axillary, racemose, 8 to 12" [20 to 30 cm] long, 5 to 10 flowered inflorescence with appressed, membranaceous bracts and faintly fragrant, somewhat fleshy flowers that are very small for the genus.

Synonyms *Brassia chlorops Endres & Rchb. f. 1873; Brassia parviflora Ames & C. Schweinf. 1925