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Ada glumacea Ada with Spelts  

Ada with Spelts  , Ada glumacea


Ada glumacea (Lindl.) N.H. Williams 1972

Common Name or Meaning The Ada with Spelts

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found from Venezuela, Colombia to Ecuador as a medium sized, cold to warm growing epiphyte at elevations of 1100 to 1800 meters with elliptic-pyriform, moderaltely compressed, light green pseudobulbs partially enveloped basally by several distichous, imbricating lower leafless, upper leaf-bearing sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect to arching, lanceolate, thin, acute, conduplicate below into the petiole-like base leaf and blooms on an axillary, slender, terete, pale green, erect, 9" [22 cm] long, few to several [4 to 15] flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb through the axil of the leaf-bearing sheath and is as long or longer than the leaf, has a few distant tubular, acute bracts and occurs in the fall and winter.

Synonyms *Brassia glumacea Lindley 1846; Brassia imbricata Lindl. 1854; Oncidium glumaceum Rchb. f. 1864; Oncidium imbricatum (Lindl.) Rchb. f. 1863