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Angraecum birrimense Birrim Angraecum


Birrim Angraecum, Angraecum birrimense


Angraecum birrimense Rolfe 1914 SECTION Arachnangraecum Schlechter

Common Name or Meaning The Birrim Angraecum [A place in Ghana]

Flower Size 5" [12.5 cm]

Found in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Zimbabwe in evergreen forests as a lareg to giant sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte at elevations of 50 meters with elongated stems carrying distichous, oblong-lanceolate, unequally and obtusely bilobed, apically leaves that blooms in the summer and fall on a one to three flowered inflorescence with large, fragrant flowers. Best grown in a pot with a bark mix and a tree fern pole in the middle to which the elongated [to 6'] stem is tied until the roots form, given shade, humidity and hot to cool temperatures.