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Angraecum filicornu Angraecum with a Thread-Like Spur 


Angraecum with a Thread-Like Spur  , Angraecum filicornu


Angraecum filicornu Thouars 1822

Part shade, Hot TO Warm, Spring, THROUGH, Fall

Common Name or Meaning The Angraecum with a Thread-Like Spur

Flower Size 2/3" [2cm]

This miniature to small sized, hot to warm growing epiphytic species is found in Eastern Madagascar in rainforests at elevations of 800 to 900 meters with slightly flattened stems carrying several, 2 ranked, thin and grass-like, linear leaves that blooms in the spring through fall on an axillary, short, single flowered inflorescence.

Synonyms Aeranthes thouarsii S.Moore 1877; Aerobion filicornu (Thouars) Spreng. 1826