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Anguloa brevilabris Short-Lipped Anguloa


Short-Lipped Anguloa , Anguloa brevilabris


Anguloa brevilabris Rolfe 1915

Common Name The Short-Lipped Anguloa

Flower Size 2.5" [6.25 cm]

Found in Colombia and Peru in light woodlands at elevations of 1400 to 1600 meters as a large sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial with large, dark green, pseudobulbs occasionally spined after leaf-fall and carrying 4,oblanceolate, plicate leaves that blooms in the summer on 4 to 6" [10 to 15 cm] long, single flweroed inflorescence with 4 to 6, inflated, sheathing bracts and carrying very fragrant flowers

Synonyms Anguloa goldschmidtiana Schltr. 1916; Anguloa ruckeri var. retusa Rchb.f. 1883; Anguloa sagittata Summerh. 1931