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Anguloa clowesii Tulip Orchid


 Cradle , Tulip Orchid , Clowes Anguloa, Anguloa clowesii


Anguloa clowesii Lindley 1844

Common Name Cradle or Tulip Orchid - Clowes Anguloa [English Orchid Enthusiast early 1800's]

Flower Size 3 1/4" long [8 cm]

A large terrestrial sometimes epiphytic plant with large, clustered, conical-pyriform, sulcate, slightly compressed psuedo bulbs with 3 to 4, deciduous, apical, plicate, obovate or elliptical, obtuse leaves found at elevations of 1800 to 2500 meters, commonly called the Cradle Orchid, as it has a rocking lip, which is enclosed completely by the sepals and petals as in a tulip which gives the plant it's other common name the Tulip Orchid. It is found in Colombia and Venezuela at elevations around 1600 meters in the western slope of the Andes next to the Llanos and is a warm to cold growing orchid that has large, waxy, highly fragrant, solitary flowers smelling of wintergreen and chocolate occuring from the spring through the summer on an erect, 12" [30 cm] long, sheathed, often 2 inflorescence holding the flowers at mid-leaf height that arise basally as the new growths appear in the late winter. It is a deciduous plant and will drop it's leaves in the fall, at that time less water is needed and fertilizer should be curtailed. Watch out for fungus through the winter if kept too wet!

Synonyms Anguloa clowesii var flava 1847