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Anguloa eburnea Ivory White Anguloa


Ivory White Anguloa , Anguloa eburnea


Anguloa eburnea B.S. Williams 1868 Photo by Jay Pfahl

Fragrance, Deep Shade, Warm, cool, Summer

Common Name The Ivory White Anguloa

Flower Size 2" x 3.4" [5cm x 8.5 cm]

Found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru atelevations of 1500 to 2500 meters on open steep slopes as a large sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial with large dark green, ovoid, slightly rugose pseudobulbs with small spines after leaf-fall carrying 3 to 4 plicate, ribbed, deciduous leaves that blooms in the summer after leaf-fall and as the new growths make their appearance on erect, 7.2" to 8.8" [18 to 22 cm] long, with 3 large sheathing bracts and a large cucculate floral bract and carrying a single fragrant flower that smells of Vanilla.

There has been confusion for years over this and Anguloa uniflora, mostly that they are the same species but the major difference is the elongated, diamond shaped midlobe of the lip of this species versus the almost rectangular and smaller midlobe [when viewed from the front] of Anguloa uniflora

Synonyms Anguloa clowesii var. eburnea H.J.Veitch 1893; Anguloa uniflora var. eburnea (B.S. Williams) Rolfe;