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Anguloa uniflora Single-Flowered Anguloa


Single-Flowered Anguloa , Anguloa uniflora


Anguloa uniflora Ruiz and Pavon 1798

Common Name The Single-Flowered Anguloa

Flower Size 4" long [10 cm]

A large sized, robust, cold to warm growing terrestrial species with large, ovoid, lightly compressed, deeply furrowed longitudinally, dark green psuedobulbs carrying 2 to 3 deciduous, plicate, broadly elliptic-lanceolate, petiolate, acute-acuminate leaves found at elevations of 1400 to 2500 meters from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in wet montane forests in deep shade and in deep leaf mold, with clustered, generally dark green with a satiny surface, longitudinally grooved, pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 3 to 5, smaller, leaflike sheaths and carrying 2, apical, plicate, elliptical, leaves that blooms after the deciduous leaves fall in summer until early fall on an erect, 6 to 10" [15 to 25 cm] long, often 2, inflorescence with 5 to 7 graduated, inflated, large bracts with ovate, acuminate, subinflated floral bracts all arising basally as the new growths appear in the late winter and has a solitary, tulip-like, fleshy, fragrant, long lasting flower held at mid-leaf height. The plant is generally leafless come blooming time so the new growth has the only leaves on the plant.

Synonyms Anguloa mantini hort. 1895; Anguloa uniflora var. treyeranii Rolfe 1891;