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Brassia jipijapensis Jipijapa Brassia


Jipijapa Brassia , Brassia jipijapensis


Brassia jipijapensis Dodson & N.H. Williams 1980

Common Name The Jipijapa Brassia [Town in Ecuador]

Flower Size 2 wide [5 cm]

Found only in western Ecuador in dry desert-like forests at elevations of 50 to 350 meters as a medium sized, hot growing epiphyte and has a short, creeping rhizome carrying ovate, compressed, longitudinally ribbed, pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 1 or 2 pairs of imbricating, non leaf-bearing sheaths carrying 2, apical, narrowly elliptic, acute, petiolate at the conduplicate base leaves and blooms in the spring on a basal from within the sheaths, stiff, erect, 16 to 20 [40 to 50 cm] long, simple, 7 to 13 flowered inflorescence. This species comes from very dry situations and would benefit from high humidity but little direct water, especially when not growing