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Calanthe arisanensis Mt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe 


Mt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe  , Calanthe arisanensis


Calanthe arisanensis Hayata 1911 Photo courtesy of of Rogier van Vugt and his Orchid webpage

Common Name The Mt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe

Flower Size 1 3/4" [4.4 cm]

Text by Andy Phillips

a lovely compact evergreen Calanthe, lustrous green 8" leaves form a rosette, 2' [60 cm] long, spikes emerge from the center bearing upwards of a dozen beautiful pure white blooms, the 1 3/4" flowers have widely spreading pointed sepals and petals, large tri-lobed undulated lip with faint yellow basal markings, easy growing summer bloomer.