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Calanthe izu-insularis Izu Calanthe


Izu Calanthe, Calanthe izu-insularis


Calanthe izu-insularis (Satomi) Ohwi & Satomi in J.Ohwi 1965

Inflorescence Photos by Takato NATSU

Fragrance, Part shade, Cold, Spring

Common Name The Izu Calanthe [Japanese Island Chain to the south of Tokyo] -in Japan Oh-Kirishima-Ebine or Nioi Ebine

Flower Size

Found in the Izu islands of Japan as a very rare cold growing terrestrial that blooms in the spring on a 12 to 18" [30 to 45 cm] long, several flowered inflorescence with fragrant flowers

Synonyms *Calanthe aristulifera var. izu-insularis Satomi 1961