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Calanthe rubens Reddish Calanthe


Reddish Calanthe , Calanthe rubens


Calanthe rubens Ridl. 1890 Photo courtesy of Kjell Nilsson

Common Name The Reddish Calanthe

Flower Size 1 1/4" [3 cm]

Found in Thailand, penninsular Malaysia and the Philippines at elevations around 300 meters as a medium sized, hot to warm growing terresrtial with 4 angled pseudobulbs that are constricted towards the apex carrying deciduous plicate leaves and the orchid blooms in the fall on a erect, basal, 20" [50 cm] long, pubescent, several [12] flowered inflorescence that legnthen with time on mature leafless pseudobulbs.

Synonyms Calanthe elmeri Ames 1908; Calanthe vestita var fournieri Rolfe; Coelogyne rubens Ridl. 1890; Preptanthe rubens Ridl. 1924