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Cattleya acklandiae Lady Ackland's Cattleya


Lady Ackland's Cattleya , Cattleya  aclandiae


Cattleya acklandiae Lindl. 1840 SUBGENUS Aclandia Withner

Common Name Lady Ackland's Cattleya [Engish Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 2 1/2 to 4" [6 to 10 cm]

A Brazilian, dwarf, epiphytic species found in rather dry areas near the coast at elevations of 100 to 400 meters on rough barked trees with seabreezes but little rain that has slender, jointed, furrowed pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, spreading, ellptic, thick, fleshy, red spotted, obtuse leaves and blooms in the summer and fall on a short, terminal, inflorescence held within the developing leaves that carries 1 to 2, large in proportion to plant, fragrant, waxy, long-lasting flowers and is a hot to warm growing orchid. This plant definitely appreciates a dryer winter after which it will bloom in the spring and early summer and the new growth appears. This is one of the most light tolerant Cattleya and can withstand a bit of direct sun.

Synonyms Cattleya acklandiae J.E. Planch. 1851-2; Cattleya aclandiae Lindley 1840; Cattleya aucklandiae Heynh 1841; Cattleya auclandii Beer 1854; Epidendrum acklandiae Rchb.f 1862; Epidendrum aclandiae Rchb.f