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Cattleya araguaiensis Araguaia Cattleya


Araguaia Cattleya, Cattleya araguaiensis


Cattleya araguaiensis Pabst 1967 SUBGENUS Stellata Withner

Common Name Araguaia Cattleya [A river in Tocantins state]

Flower Size 4" [10 cm]

Blooms in the summer and comes from Tocantins, Brazil at elevations of 395 to 610 meters as a small sized, warm growing epiphyte in moist conditiions and has slim, spindly psuedobulbs and a single apical leaf that blooms in the late spring through mid summer on a terminal, short single flowered inflorescence with a long-lasting flower and has only been known for thirty three years.

Synonyms Cattleya araguaiensis var alba L.C.Menezes 1991; Cattleya araguaiensis f. alba (L.C.Menezes) Christenson 1996; Cattleyella araguaiensis [Pabst] Van den Berg & Chase 2003; Cattleyella araguaiensis f. alba (L.C.Menezes) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase 2004