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Cattleya aurantiaca Orange Cattleya


Orange Cattleya , Cattleya aurantiaca


Cattleya aurantiaca [Bateman ex Lindley]P.N. Don 1840 SUBGENUS Circumvola

Common Name Orange Cattleya

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

This stout, small to medium sized, epiphytic and occasional lithophytic species is found in El Salvador and Mexico at elevations of 300 to 1600 meters in tropical and lower mountain rain forests on exposed rocks, or on trees in areas of extreme heat and cold and it grows warm to cool with elongate, cylindric-fusiform, lightly compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, coiaceous, fleshy, elliptic to oblong lanceolate leaves with a rounded, retuse apex that flowers from late winter through spring on a terminal, 6 1/2" [16 cm] long, few to many [2 to 11] flowered, umbelliform inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb. This plant's flowers are the smallest in the genus and northern populations can self-pollinate which causes the flowers to not open fully. This species and C. skinneri naturally hybrid to create C. guatemalensis.

Synonyms Amalia aurantiaca (Bateman ex Lindl.) Heynh. 1846; Broughtonia aurea Lindl. 1840; *Epidendrum aurantiacum Batem. ex Lindley 1838; Epidendrum aureum Lindley 1853; Guarianthe aurantiaca (Bateman ex Lindl.) Dressler & W.E. Higgins 2003; Laelia aurantiaca (Bateman ex Lindl.) Beer 1854