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Cattleya aurea Golden Yellow Cattleya


Golden Yellow Cattleya , Cattleya aurea


Cattleya aurea Linden 1883 SUBGENUS Cattleya

Common Name Golden Yellow Cattleya

Flower Size 7" [17.5 cm]

A Colombian species from the states of Risaralda, Antioquia and Choco' at elevations of 300 to 1000 meters on rough barked trees that blooms in the month of May in Colombia [about 2 months after C dowiana in Costa Rica] on a terminal, several [5 to 6] flowered, short inflorescence with fragrant short lived flowers. This species is highly endangered in the wild and as such should never be bought unless it is guaranteed to be seedgrown. It is sometimes said to be synomonous with Cattleya dowiana Bateman 1886 but they differ by C aurea having larger flowers, wider petals and sepals and has a much truer yellow color, not coppery as in C dowiana. The C aurea also has a better presentation as well as a different scent.

Synonyms Cattleya chrysotaxa (Sander) God.-Leb. 1890; Cattleya chrysotoxa Hort. 1891; Cattleya dowiana var Aurea Will & Moore 1883; Cattleya dowiana var. chrysotaxa Sander 1890; ; Cattleya dowiana var chrysotoxa Hort. 1890; Cattleya labiata dowiana aurea Veitch 1887