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Cattleya bowringiana Bowring's Cattleya


Bowring's Cattleya, Cattleya bowringiana


Cattleya bowringiana Veitch 1885 SUBGENUS Circumvola S

Common Name Bowring's Cattleya [English Amatuer Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

Belize and Guatemala are the home to this medium to large sized, cool to warm growing lithophyte found at elevations of 210 to 900 meters on rocky cliffs near fast moving streams with a humid atmosphere that has club-shaped pseudobulbs carrying 2 rarely 3, apical, narrowly oblong, leathery, dark green leaves and blooms in the fall on a terminal, erect or nodding, long-stalked, to 10" [to 25 cm] long, few to many flowered inflorescence with 2, basal, compressed spathes that is not long lasting and gives rise to up to 15 flowers. It requires a short winter rest from water and fertilizer after the completion of flowering.

Synonyms Cattleya autumnalis Hort. 1885; Cattleya skinneri Bateman var. bowringiana (Veitch) Kraenzl. 1892; Guarianthe bowringiana (Veitch) Dressler & W.E. Higgins 2003

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Cattleya bowringiana Veitch var coerula SUBGENUS Circumvola SECTION Moradae Withner 1989 Photo courtesy of David Hunt