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Cattleya harrisoniana Harrison's Cattleya


Harrison's Cattleya , Cattleya harrisoniana


Cattleya harrisoniana Bateman ex Lindley 1836

Common Name Harrison's Cattleya [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 4 1/2" [11.25 cm]

This is a epiphytic or lithophytic, cool to warm growing species found in humid swampy areas on bushes with subclavate, laterally compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, narrolwy elliptic to obovate leaves that blooms in the late summer on a terminal, short to 4" [to 10 cm], few to several [2 to 6] flowered inflorescence subtended by a green sheath with fragrant, long-lived, waxy flowers and needs ample water, warmth and light while growing and a good rest after maturity. This species and C loddigesii are very similar yet diuffer in this species darker flowers and unscented flowers.

Synonyms Cattleya brownii Rolfe 1894; Cattleya candida F.N.Williams 1851; Cattleya harrisoniae Batem. 1838; Cattleya harrisoniae Paxt 1838; Cattleya harrisoniana f. alba (Beer) M.Wolff & O.Gruss 2007; Cattleya harrisoniana var. alba Beer 1854; Cattleya harrisonii P.N.Don 1840; Cattleya intermedia var variegata Hkr.; Cattleya loddigesii var. harrisoniana Lindley 1887; Cattleya papeinsiana C. Morr. 1845; Epidendrum harrisonianum Rchb.f 1861