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Cattleya loddigesii Loddiges' Cattleya


Loddiges' Cattleya , Cattleya loddigesii


Cattleya loddigesii Lindl. 1823

Common Name Loddiges' Cattleya [English orchid collector and nurseryman 1800's]

Flower Size 4 1/2" [11.25 cm]

A medium sized, cool to warm growing, bifoliate epiphyte or lithophyte that is from near the coast from Bahia Brazil south to Argentina and Paraguay, in both sun and shade with cylindrical, narrowing basally pseudobulb carrying 2 apical, elliptic-oblong, leathery, obtuse leaves and blooms in the late summer on a terminal, 12" [30 cm] long, long-lived, few to several [2 to 9] flowered inflorescence subtended by a small, broad, dried sheath that has waxy, fragrant, long-lived, color variable flowers.

Synonyms Cattleya arembergii Scheidw. 1843; Cattleya obrieniana Rolfe 1889; Cattleya ovata Lindley 1838; Epidendrum canaliculatum Vell. 1825; Epidendrum harrisoniae Rchb.f; Epidendrum loddigesii Rchb.f 1861; Epidendrum violaceum Lodd. 1819