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Cattleya luteola Pale Yellow Cattleya


Pale Yellow Cattleya , Cattleya luteola


Cattleya luteola Lindley 1853

Common Name Pale Yellow Cattleya

Flower Size 2" [5 cm]

This is a dwarf, unifoliate, epiphytic species found in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, in lowland tropical rain forests at elevations between 100 and 1200 meters and occasionally to 2000 meters that is a cool to warm grower needing good light with a slender creeping rhizome, clavate, ellipsoid or clavate-cylindrical sulcate pseudobulb that carrys a single, apical, oblong or oblong-elliptic, obtuse or notched apically leaf that blooms in the late suumer till fall on a terminal, racemose, 1 1/2" to 6" [4 to 15 cm] long, several flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb that is shorter than the leaves and has a large dried basal sheath, and carries a few to several, long-lived, fragrant or not flowers. This species needs a distinct winter rest but while growing needs ample water, light and fertilizer and grows best on a cork mount.

Synonyms Cattleya epidendroides Rchb.f. 1856; Cattleya epidendroides hort. 1856; Cattleya flavida Klotsch 1856; Cattleya holfordi hort. ex Rchb.f 1856; Cattleya luteola var. roezlii Rchb. f. 1881; Cattleya meyeri Regel. 1856; Cattleya modesta Meyer 1856; Cattleya sulphurea Hort. ex Gard. 1885; Cattleya urselii hort. ; Epidendrum cattleyae hort; Epidendrum luteolum [Lindley] Rchb.f 1861