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Cattleya maxima  Greatest Cattleya


 Greatest Cattleya, Cattleya maxima


Cattleya maxima Lindley 1831

Common Name The Greatest Cattleya; In South America Flor de Navidad or Christmas Flower

Flower Size 5" [12.5 cm]

A medium sized, cool to warm growing, unifoliate, epiphyte and occasional lithophyte from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and northern coastal Peru that is found at elevations of 10 to 1500 meters in seasonally dry, coastal forests with clavate, lightly complante, sulcate pseudobulbs subtended by several, imbricating, nonfoliaceous sheaths and a single, apical, oblong or narrowly elliptic-oblong, clasping, obtuse, minutely bilobed, thickly coriaceous leaf and blooms in the fall through the winter on a terminal, to 12" [30 cm] long, erect or arching, few to several flowered, racemose inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb subtended with a large, basal, elongate sheath from which arise 3 to 15, long-lived, fragrant, somewhat heavy textured flowers that are held just at or above leaf height.

Synonyms Cattleya malouana L. Linden & Rodigas 1986; Epidendrum maximum [Lindl.]Rchb.f 1861