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Cattleya mossiae Mrs. Moss' Cattleya


Mrs. Moss' Cattleya, Cattleya mossiae


Cattleya mossiae Hkr. 1838

Common Name Mrs. Moss' Cattleya [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]; in Venezuela - Cattleya de Pascua or Easter Cattleya

Flower Size 8" [20 cm]

An endemic Venezuelan, small to medium sized, unifoliate, warm to cool growing epiphyte occuring at elevations of 900 to 1500 meters in dense forests high in the canopy, that is their national flower, with fusiform, ridged, green pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, oblong to narrowly ovate-oblong leaf that is rounded apically and blooms on a terminal, 12" [30 cm, few to several [2 to 7] flowered inflorescence arising on amature pseudobulb and carries very fragrant, color variable flowers occuring in the spring.

Synonyms Cattleya aliciae L. Linden 1895; Cattleya carrieri Houller. 1883; Cattleya edithiana Warner ex Williams 1868; Cattleya labiata var atropurpurea Paxton 1844; Cattleya labiata var candida Lindley & Paxton 1850; Cattleya labiata var mossiae [Hkr.]Lindley 1840; Cattleya labiata var picta Lindley & Paxton 1850; Cattleya labiata var picta [Lindley & Paxton]Rchb.f 1874; Cattleya labiata var reineckiana [Rchb.f]A.D.Hawkes; Cattleya mossiae Hkr. var. reineckiana Hook.; Cattleya mossiae var. wageneri Braem 1986; Cattleya reineckiana Hort. 1883; Cattleya reineckiana Rchb.f 1856; Cattleya wageneri Rchb.f 1854; Cattleya wagneri Hort.; Epidendrum labiatum var. mossiae [Hkr.] Rchb.f 1861