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Cattleya patinii Patin's Cattleya


Patin's Cattleya, Cattleya patinii


Cattleya patinii Cgn. 1900 - See Cattleya deckeri Klotsch 1855

Common Name Patin's Cattleya [French Orchid Collector 1800's]

Flower Size

Found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidada and Tobago in humid forests at elevations of 30 to 800 meters as a caespitose, small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with fusiform, furrowed, bifoliate pseudobulbs with elliptic to oblong, fleshy leaves which blooms on a terminal, 3' [7.5 cm] long, erect, few to several [4 to 8] flowered, racemose inflorescence arising on a newly matured psedobulb, subtended by a basal sheath occuring in the fall. The major difference in this species versus Cattleya skinneri is that skinnerii blooms in the spring and has a white tubular base to the lip.

Synonyms Cattleya skinneri var autumnalis Allen 1942; Cattleya skinneri var patinii 1914; Guarianthe patinii (Cogn.) Dressler & W.E. Higgins 2003