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Cattleya percivaliana Percival's Cattleya


Percival's Cattleya , Cattleya percivaliana


Cattleya percivaliana [Rchb.f] O'Brien 1883

Common Name Percival's Cattleya or Christmas Cattleya [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size Max of 5" [12.5 cm]

This is a large sized, warm to cool growing, largely lithophytic, but sometimes epiphytic species that is endemic to Venezuela [Listed as from Colombia], found at altitudes of 1300 to 2000 meters in full sun near rivers, with clavate, broadest in the middle, compressed ,green pseudobulbs carrying a single apical, narrowly oblong-elliptic, rigid, suberect, obtuse leaf and blooms in the summer through the winter on a terminal, to 10" [ to 25 cm] long, few flowered, short lived, racemose inflorescence with a large, basal, green sheath that carries 2 to 4, musty, fragrant flowers.

Synonyms *Cattleya labiata var percivaliana Rchb.f 1882