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Cattleya porphyroglossa Purple Lipped Cattleya


Purple Lipped Cattleya , Cattleya porphyroglossa


Cattleya porphyroglossa L. Linden & Rchb. f. 1856

Common Name Purple Lipped Cattleya

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

A Brazilian, hot to cool, bifoliate, epiphytic species found low on trees near water with cylindrical, laterally compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, ellipic, coriaceous, leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, shorter to 4" [10 cm], several flowered, long-lived inflorescence that has strongly fragrant, heavy-textured flowers occuring in the spring. It is often found in nature with Cattleya harrisoniana.

Synonyms Cattleya batalini Sander & Kranzlin 1892[non-hybrid]; Cattleya dijanceana hort ex Rolfe 1902; Epidendrum porphyroglossum Rchb.f 1862