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Cattleya schofieldiana Schofeld's Cattleya


Schofeld's Cattleya , Cattleya schofieldiana


Cattleya schofieldiana Rchb.f 1882

Common Name Schofeld's Cattleya [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 6" [15 cm]

Found in Brazil at altitudes up to 900 meters on trees in hills near the coast as a cool to warm growing epiphytic orchid on trees with moss and lichen as a stout, upright epiphyte with elongate, cylindrical, laterally compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, oblong-lanceolate, or elliptiuc-ovate, coriaceous, obtuse leaves that blooms in the spring and early summer on a terminal, short, few to several [5 to 8] flowers with floral similarities to Cattleya granulosa in all aspects other than flower size and color as well pseudobulb size except in this species they are larger.

Synonyms Cattleya granulosa f. schofieldiana (Rchb.f.) A.D.Hawkes in ? ; Cattleya granulosa var. banneri Rolfe 1896; *Cattleya granulosa Lindley var schofieldiana [Rchb.f] Veitch 1887; Cattleya princeps auct. 1892; Cattleya schofieldiana var. banneri (Rolfe) Fowlie 1977