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Cattleya schroederae Schroeder's Cattleya


Schroeder's Cattleya, Cattleya schroederae


Cattleya schroederae Sander 1888

Common Name Baroness Schroeder's Cattleya in Colombia [English Wife of Sir Henry Schroeder 1800's]; Cattleya de Pascua or Easter Cattleya

Flower Size 9" [22.5 cm]

Differs from Cattleta trianeae by the abscence of club shaped psuedobulbs, the larger flowers and the prominent orange spot on the crisper lip and is a Colombian hot to cool growing species that blooms in the spring on a short, erect, few flowered inflorescence held close to mid-leaf. This species is very similar to C. trianae yet differs in having larger flowers, which are dstrongly fragrant and have white to rose pink or light purple, petals that are strongly crisped and broader as well as a lip with a larger midlobe that is strongly crisped and has a large orange disc.

Synonyms Cattlya labiata var schroderae Sander 1888; Cattleya trianaei var schroederae Rchb.f 1887