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Cattleya skinneri Skinner's Cattleya


Skinner's Cattleya, Cattleya skinneri


Cattleya skinneri Bateman 1839

Common Name Skinner's Cattleya [English Orchid Collector and Trader 1800's]or in Costa Rica - Guaria Morada, in Guatemala - Candelaria, Central America - San Sebastian

Flower Size 3 1/2" [8.75 cm]

From Chiapas state of Mexico to Costa Rica as a medium sized, bifoliate epiphyte where it is found in humid forests on tree trunks and branches or terrestrial-lithophyte on granite cliff banks at altitudes of 200 to 2300 meters with fusiform to clavate pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, oblong to elliptic, obtuse to acute leaves and blooms in the winter through spring and occasionally in the fall on a terminal, to 5 1/2" [13.75 cm] long, usually erect, few to many [4 to 15] flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb and subtended by a large green, spathiform basal sheath and carries slightly fragrant flowers that often open not all at once, it likes to be mounted on wood and is an intermediate to hot growing species and is the national flower of Costa Rica. They like a dry winter rest and will bloom from brown or green sheaths that were formed the summer before.